Outreach During the Offseason

With the 2019 competition season finished, Team 3467 – The Windham Windup FIRST® robotics team has focused its off-season efforts towards outreach. From showcasing our robot at local events like the Strawberry Festival or weekly demonstrations at Camp Carpenter to making a global impact on the other side of the world, Team 3467 is
dedicated to spreading S.T.E.M. and igniting FIRST in our local community and beyond.

Team 3467 team member, Paul Matthews, was originally going to Taiwan to visit family, but decided to make his stay more impactful and influential for FIRST teams in the country. With the help of his parents and connections in Taiwan, he was able to organize a conference for teams around the country to come together and share knowledge with each other. Being the only
representative from a U.S. team, Paul was able to provide a different viewpoint on FRC teams. This event was impactful to helping teams grow from collaboration and help from each other.

On August 1st, Paul presented to Taiwanese FRC teams in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. This conference took place in the auditorium of Taipei First Girls School. Taipei First Girls School is an elite and selective all-girls school center to the country’s most important governmental buildings. This conference was attended by 6 teams in total; Team 6191 Robokryptonite, 7636 Robomania, 7497 MARAHAO, 6947 Savage Tumaz and a newly established team called “Fi-Lab.” Approximately 50 representatives from teams were present, along with Taiwanese government officials interested in FIRST programs. The conference featured 5 different presentations on general team organization Team 3467 prepared a presentation about our team structure, function and business. This presentation highlighted the unique aspects of our team, including our connection with FIRST, our fundraising plan, pit design and much more. The presentation was opened up to Q+A shortly after.

We give a huge thanks to Paul and his parents Paul and Rose Matthews for working hard to organize this conference! We can’t wait to see what new opportunities and partnerships for the team open up from this event.

With the school year approaching, Team 3467 is also preparing for recruiting and training new members. We are attending numerous events at the high school, including; freshman orientation, the WHS Club Fair and the fall open house. We have tons of fun STEM activities lined up for new recruits, and we hope to get many more people to join the team and experience FIRST robotics.