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Windham Windup - FRC team 3467 Welcomes You!

WWlogo-150x150_1.pngThe Windham Windup, Team 3467, hails from Windham High School in Windham, NH. As a fifth-year team for the 2015 FRC season, we are still all for learning about engineering and building robots.  We have partnered with local professionals, making connections in the community that, without FIRST, we wouldn’t have known existed.  Many other FRC teams have reached out to us, offering help where needed and demonstrating the gracious professionalism that has become our own mantra.  In our fifth year, we are hoping that we can help other teams around us. Our hope is that the individual talents of the team will come together to pave the way for future Windham FIRST teams.

Our mission is to cultivate interest, understanding, & skills in the fields of engineering & technology. We seek to encourage creative thought, perseverance in the face of obstacles, cooperation & compromise. We seek to develop life skills in students through team membership, community outreach, public speaking, critical thinking, & unique experiences.

Our Team Goals are:

  • To teach engineering, science, and technology through partnerships with mentors who have experience and backgrounds in these fields.
  • To inspire students and team members to seek careers in engineering, science, and technology.
  • To build a successful, technically challenging, competitive robot through a combination of both student and mentor contributions.
  • To become a year-round team and spread the word of FIRST through all of our activities.
  • A new goal for this year is to have more community outreach.  We have a few events in mind, some of which involve Boy Scouts, Seniors, other FRC teams and Girl Scouts.

Last year our funding primarily came from Veloxion, Veolia Environmental Services, Windham High School, jcpenney, and BAE Systems, and we are most grateful for their support. It has permitted us to focus on building our team and gaining the skills and knowledge to be a competitive team for the fourth year in a row! If you wish to make a contribution our team the sponsorship packet is right here on our site. Just give it a click!


The Windham Windup, FRC Team 3467 Presents our mascot, Thirt!

Thirt is a solid piece of aluminum stock, 6 inches long with a diameter of 3.5 inches. He got his name because the atomic number of aluminum is 13.

Thirt became a member of our lives back in 2013, at the Granite State Regional. As a result of having some troubles with our robot, our shooter was removed, leaving only our climbing mechanism. Our sponsor, Veloxion, brought him to us as a counter-weight to move our center of gravity to directly below the arm. Because of him, our climber worked perfectly, allowing us to go on to win the Pine Tree Regional, and get an Excellence in Engineering Award specifically for our climber.

After GSR, our lead programmer fell in love with Thirt. He provided Thirt with his name and status.

The Windham Windup's Ultimate Ascent robot went from being a robot without a shooter to a robot that brought its team to the World Championship, thanks to Thirt. Because of this, Thirt has become a symbol of 3467's motivation and success.


See a few of our off season CAD projects here and below.