A Weekend of Action Packed Fun!

Windham Middle and High School students of Team 3467 – The Windham Windup did it again!  A second place finish and Excellence in Engineering Award wrapped up last weekend’s Pine Tree District Event!  Hosted by Thomas College in Waterville, ME on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13, Windham had a very smooth start, competing with 26 teams and winning 11 of their 12 qualifying matches, winning all but one qualifying match. However, after two yellow cards during qualifiers, Windham slipped into third place from first. Windham was fortunate to have been chosen by Team 6329, the Bucks Wrath from Bucksport, ME as the first pick of alliance selection, later joined by Team 7907, Spartan Robotics from Whitefield, NH. 

Windham and their alliance partners breezed through the quarter and semifinals to compete in the finals against the third seeded alliance. Windham lost the first match by three points, 91-88. The next match Windham played a very well fought, defense and scoring heavy match; however they received a red card. This red card was caused by Windham inadvertently tipping Team 5813, Morpheus from Concord, NH. Despite their best efforts to challenge the card within the rules, the victory was handed to their opponents.

They ended the day with a second-place finish and Excellence in Engineering Award for their professional approach to design and operation. Windham is looking forward to competing at their next regional event  Central Mass in Shrewsbury, MA and is currently ranked fourth in New England.  Their hope is to compete in the District Championship in April and move ahead to Worlds in Texas, with their international peers from around the globe.  Thanks go to Windham High School, 4-H, and Veloxion for providing immense support throughout the season! We would also like to thank sponsors BAE Systems, Analog Devices, Symbiotic, KJD Electronics, A&A Floral, Messina’s Flooring, Lucky & Me, and Windham DJ & Karaoke!   Story and photos by Gabriel Robinson